Friday, March 30, 2012

Todd R. Tystad: Three Questions

Los Angeles-based author Milda Harris welcomed me to her blog today and asked me three difficult questions. I did okay with the first two, but the third had me stumped. I resisted the temptation to Google the answer and took a wild guess. Here's her post: Writer Girl in L.A.


  1. Just to unscrew the contacts. The wiring I can do by hand.

    I would have said I'd just use my cell phone since I'm never without it. But I thought that would defeat the purpose of the question, so I decided I'd better do it old school.

    You'd be amazed at what I've done in the past with my keys. They're better than a Swiss Army Knife.

    1. Although this is not really all that unique, I once used my Russ's Market Card to scrape frost and 1/2 inch of snow off the car while in Vermont.

    2. As it's been said... necessity is the mother of invention. :)