Saturday, January 28, 2012

Organizing the Elementary School Classroom

I'd like to shift gears a bit with today's post. Since Blue Hill was published, I've put all of my promotional efforts into getting the word out about my fiction. One thing that's taken me by surprise is that my non-fiction work has been living a life of its own without any support from me at all. It occurred to me this week that I shouldn't neglect the first work I ever published and today I'd like to mention the fact that Organizing the Elementary School Classroom is available in both paperback and ebook formats.

What's really cool is that I've had great feedback from readers, both personally and from Amazon reviews. One reader said that Organizing the Elementary School Classroom is, "A MUST-read for all elementary educators." Another said, "A must-read for new teachers and a great reflection tool for veteran teachers."

As a way of saying "thank you," I've dropped the price of the Kindle Edition to less than a person would pay for a latte. Tell your friends in education about it and let them know it really can change the way they teach. Readers are always welcome to leave a review on Amazon. Thanks.

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  1. Organizing the Elementary School Classroom is now available in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.