Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Indie Exchange

Those of you who have been following this blog know how much I enjoyed "Adopt an Indie" Month. It was an event that brought together readers, authors, and bloggers for a wide range of activities. I'm proud to announce that "Adopt an Indie" has now become The Indie Exchange.

The Indie Exchange is a web-based community that simply brings readers and writers together. It has some of the features of "Adopt an Indie," but has an entirely new personality all its own. In less than a month, The Indie Exchange has already provided information about new books, links to free books and sites of interest to readers, books available for review, author interviews, and a whole lot more.

I was honored to be the first featured author at The Indie Exchange and I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words and feedback. It's exciting to be involved with people who care about books as much as I do.

Visit The Indie Exchange and take a look around - there's something for everyone. Share it with a friend and enjoy discovering some great indie books together.


  1. If you're into GoodReads, there's already a group for The Indie Exchange:

  2. Sounds like a great resource, and congrats on being their first featured author. I'm going to check out the GoodReads group as well, thanks for including that link.

  3. Thanks, Richard. You'll find no better bunch of people. You might also want to look for the group here:

  4. Sorry, that was email. The link to the group is: