Sunday, May 22, 2011

Speaking Freely

In case you haven't read the news, those anguished cries heard from every corner of the world yesterday weren't from the big Rapture No Show. They were, in fact, from the huddled throngs crying out after reading my first blog post and left wondering what, exactly, the stinking blog will be about. If it's not about cats, weight loss, bass fishing, home improvement, or the new rules of dating, then what else in the world is there left to write about? David Sedaris already called dibs on smoking and you would think there's nothing left to be said.

Well, I've come up with a few topics that should serve as a preview and a tantalizing appetizer for all that is yet to come. You can look forward to discussions focused (or at least haphazardly focused) on movies and music, the good and the bad that comes with that antique novelty known as radio, food that can be had both at home and in certain restaurants, and one of my favorite topics of all, Los Angeles, California.

If a blog post is made during the late hours of the night, it might be about a certain earworm or two with a plea for suggestions of an alternative that will flush them out. If prodded, I might even discuss Batesland, South Dakota. So rest assured, there really are topics that have been left entirely untouched by Perez Hilton and TMZ.

So join me when you can, read as often as you'd like, and feel free to post your own comments and suggestions. Also, please note that this is a non-smoking blog. That makes my task here all the more challenging. But if I can pull it off, I will have beaten David Sedaris at his own game.


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